Electric Resistive Steam Humidifier IER12 35 lbs output 11.7 KW

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Electric resistive steam humidifier brochure

IER humidifier by steamOvap is an electric steam generator that uses water immersed resistive heating elements to produce pure and sterile steam that is easy to distribute in air handling unit or ventilation duct, or directly into space by using our steam distribution box, SB model.

IER humidifier can be supplied with tap or treated water such as softened or reverse osmosis water.

When tap water is used, the scale will comes off the heating elements by the natural contraction and expansion of the tube heaters scale pieces then accumulate at the bottom of the cylinder without the risk of clogging the drain outlet. Regular maintenance and cylinder cleaning is very easy thanks to our unique ‘’guide & lock’’ system. It is a safe and proven solution that requires no tool to remove the cylinder and no consumable to replace regularly.

Its evaporation cylinder made of stainless steel grade 304 is covered with thermal insulation in order to reduce energy losses.

  • Produces pure and sterile steam.
  • Capacities from 4.5 à 84kg/h.
  • Constant and precise steam production +/-1%RH.
  • Suitable for tap or RO water without additional option.
  • Permanent stainless steel cylinder.
  • Thermally insulated cylinder for better efficiency.
  • Board computer with real time clock and 7’’ touch screen .
  • Wi-Fi remote connetion.
  • Most compact humidifier of the industry.
  • Polymeric access door.
  • Guide & lock approach system (patent pending).
  • Very robust heating elements with extra low watt density.
  • TUV certified to UL998.
  • 3 years warranty*.