About Us

Who is Chad Clark and what does he know about Hot Yoga Studios?

Chad Clark was first introduced to the practice of “Hot Yoga” in 1998 while working in construction. During this time, he became familiar with many yoga studios and the problems they faced in their quest to achieve a comfortable and safe studio environment. He began working on yoga studios in 1999 in New York City for Bikram Yoga NYC and others and was able to develop many solutions to the most prevalent problems Hot Yoga Studios face. After meeting with Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, Chad was invited  to LA to run Bikram’s facility and make many needed upgrades to the facility there. After experiencing the many benefits of a hot yoga practice first hand, he became a certified Bikram Yoga Method Instructor in the fall of 2001.Chad Clark merged his extensive background as a General/Mechanical/Electrical Contractor with his love of hot yoga. He directed his company, Cavalry Services, Inc. to specialize in meeting the unique needs of hot yoga studios everywhere and developed his website www.hotyogastudiodesign.com, to dispense his findings to the blossoming world of Hot Yoga. Through consultation services and equipment supply, Chad is a resource for studio owners and their local contractors and architects to help them make the best choices for their studios every step of the way. Chad’s services include providing the proper equipment and advice to ensure adequate heat, good air flow, mold control, humidification and dehumidification, bacteria free flooring, a good sound system, website hosting recommendations, environmental integrity of the studio, and aesthetically pleasing design layouts. He can provide studio owners with support in selecting a site for a new studio, floor plan design and equipment selection. He helps owners troubleshoot problems in existing studio locations as well often preventing evictions.

Chad works directly with the manufacturers of Reznor Furnaces, King Electric, Continental Fan, Air Distribution Concepts, Vapac, Carnes, Carel, Zebra Mats, WAC Lighting, Triatomic Environmental, Sanuvox, Thermolec, Renewaire, Venmar, Spartan, Alan MFG, Zebra Mats, Kiefer Flooring, Samson Audio, ApeX Non Toxic Chemicals and many others to custom manufacture Solutions and Equipment for hot yoga studios. He recently teamed with Spartan Peripheral Devices to design his own thermostat for Hot Yoga studios – a thermostat that can be set easily to the high temperatures required in the yoga rooms as well as provide cooling functions.His first hand knowledge of all of the equipment he supplies makes him an expert in this unique field. His longstanding relationships with the manufacturers ensure his clients that they will be purchasing all of the correct equipment at package prices, thereby avoiding contractor markups and mistakes.Chad  has traveled extensively throughout North America bringing his expertise to Hot Yoga studios. In 2007 he opened his own studio in PA. Prospective studio owners and clients often visit Chad’s studio to see first hand what the latest design has to offer.