Common problems with Infrared Heat Panel equipped Hot Yoga Studios i.e.- radiation heating methods

1- lack of output

Many panels are made without a reflective coating on the top of the panel so they radiate as much up as down and you pay 2 x the amount of electric for only half the output.

-Solution add a thin layer of low E insulation to the top of the panels – we do sell it and can cut individual pieces to order if needed.

2- lack of control

In most yoga studios panels depend on wall sensors to get accurate temperature readings  – this is a problem since radiation heating heats what ever is in front of the panel and that is usually no the thermostat so the temperature is never accurate  and the closer you are to the panel the warmer you are -so your head gets the majority of the heat.

Panels are designed to be used with floor sensors to determine if the surface they are aimed at is warm enough to de-energise the panels, this is a problem with yoga studios because the yoga mat may cover the sensor. Either way the panels end up staying on continuously and this makes them much less efficient than the factories who make them claim them to be. It is no uncommon for 1500 sq foot studios to have a 4500 bill per month for electric and never have a hot room.

it is a waste of money to use a thermostat with a panel installation so you may as well just use Light switches to control them, after all they are just lights – outside the human eyes visible light range.

-Solution, there is none.

3- They don’t provide Airflow and you still need fresh air and humidity which will need to be stand alone and perhaps require a fresh air heater so you still end up with a forced hot air system and for humidity the stand alone humidifier costs an average of 1000.00 more with a blower pack to disperse the steam. Most people experience heatstroke symptoms in radiant panel equipped rooms if the heat is sufficient to really sweat. Remember that radiation heating heats tissues deep inside you body – way past the sweat glands so you put your life at risk when you practice under radiation heaters.

4- Photo Aging- perhaps one of the most mis understood “spin” on Infrared heating . The collegen is destroyed as is the outer skin layer so it must produce collegen to repair itself.  Organs that are repeatedly stressed eventually give out and you just can’t tell when that might be. No studies have been done for safety under Infrared heat sources of the strength used for hot yoga for health impacts. ZERO. It is also known that the Eyes are negatively impacted under Infrared light causing permanent damage to the retina and glass blower’s cataracts.

We are bathed in Radiation 24/7 and if you think it is being monitored for safety you better start reading. check out citizens for safe technology  – website. start there. Electricity and Radiation cause sickness and disease they do not improve your health unless specificly designed to do so such as Pemf therapy.