Be Aware of Unhealthy Radiation Heating Methods

It has come to my attention that many studios and home studios are depending upon radiant heat panels -thinking they are a healthy or green alternative to forced air systems.

Radiant panels produce Dirty Electricity and as such also radiate large doses of Electromagnetic Radiation in doses of well past safe levels of 150 MilliGauss or higher which have been positively identified as Carcinogenic .

While not as bad as Smart Meters  or WIFI any level in excess of .5 MilliGauss is considered disruptive to Your DNA and Cell Structure. Why should anyone want to pursue health and at the same time Get high doses of Radiation?

The Factories who make these inefficient Electric heaters like to say they are efficient- but not when you make a sauna out of them . Not even Infared Saunas Are Safe-they are much lower intensities and wattages.

The average hot Yoga Studio Heat Panel consumes 750 Watts up to 1100 Watts per panels and most studios use 30 panels- thats up to 33,000 Watts.  That is not Earth Friendly by any means nor if you consider the method of control is essentially useless as thermostats don’t work for radiant systems in yoga rooms because a wall sensor is unusable. So the entire system is continuously drawing power as the radiation penetrates deep into your body tissues as much as 8 inches or more. Your body is not designed to accept this high dose of directed radiation and cannot properly regulate temperature. Users report high frequency of heat sickness and nausea .

After reading a great deal of materials concerning this particular method of Heating I am absolutely certain the negatives are far worse than any positive effect the proponents of Infrared heating would like you to believe.

When you are under a “Far Infared Heating” panel the heat produced is actually -Near Infared because try Far Infared heat is too weak to be effective for heating a space to more than comfort level say 70 F.  So Supposed Healthy heat panels are no better than Heatlamps as used in the food industry to keep food warm (many times it is continuously cooked under this heat)

The Only Panel Maker that has a certified Far Infared Panel with the same spectrum as the Sun is made by Prestyl and if you Must use panels I can connect you to them if you wish . I still do not believe it is as healthy as a room without electrical fields such as achievable with forced Air Systems.