Here are some general questions to help determine your needs.

  1. What is the site voltage ?What is the Highest voltage available?
  2. What is the total available amperage and is it single phase or three phase?
  3. Is gas available? Natural gas or Propane?
  4. Is there an existing heat system or air condition system?
  5. Ceiling height?
  6. Size of room to be heated?
  7. Windows?type ? doors? type?
  8. Modern construction? When was the structure built?-What is it made of? is it insulated? How?
  9. Where would the equipment be installed? rooftop?]
  10. What is the overall goal for temp and humidity?
  11. How many students do you want to have in a class?
  12. What type of yoga?style?method?
  13. Do you have a floor plan?
  14. Do you have a lease? How long is it? Do you own the building?
  15. What is your budget?
  16. What type of flooring do you wish to use?
  17. What type of lighting?
  18. Who will build it?
  19. When do you wish to begin construction?
  20. Do you want a sound system?
  21. Will you have showers?
  22. Where can the humidifier have the use of a drain and 1/2″ supply line?
  23. where is the facility to be located?
  24. Is the building free standing or is it in a mall or high rise?
  25. How old is the structure you are building in and is there insulation ?
  26. Have you hired an architect or engineer?