Hot Yoga Studios Adjust Tactics, Equipment To Reach IAQ Nirvana

When it comes to yoga studios, Chad Clark has seen some of the worst IAQ problems. Clark is the presi – dent of Hot Yoga Studio De-sign & Services, a division of Cavalry Services, Inc. in Scranton, PA. Clark once consulted with a hot yoga studio in Florida, where the problems were so bad that the owner faced eviction charges and the facility’s foul odors were detected blocks away from its front door.

The establishment was an infectious “petri dish of mold, fungi and Legionnaires’ Disease,” Clark said. Hot yoga is a type of yoga genre requiring up to 250°F furnace discharge temperatures and 100°F to 130°F indoor air temperatures. According to Clark, it is also an HVAC designer and installer’s worst nightmare. With this in mine, he also said that few mechanical engineers specify the correct equipment, and even fewer con – tractors escape unscathed from a host of installation challenges inherent on any hot yoga studio project.