Hot Yoga Programmable Thermo/Humidistat IAQ Controller

The All New Hot Yoga Controller (completely Custom Made for Hot Yoga) is your all in one control for your studio room needs. Set conditions for Each Class if you like with different levels of heat or humidity for each session and keep an eye on CO2 with the Co2 display!

  • Controls Temperature- 2 stage heat on off OR modulating outputs temperature range 32-140 F or 0-60 C
  • Controls Humidity- on off or modulating outputs
  • Co2 Measurement and display 0-5000 PPM
  • Cooling-single relay-all ¬†relays 1 amp max
  • Fan -Single relay Adjustable span and differentials.

Full time clock function for up to 8 user defined sessions per day with individual Temperature and Humidity setpoints -Just like you need.  Imagine you can now set up custom settings for  temperature and humidity for each class you offer. The CO2 display will let you know if fresh air is needed, no more guesswork.