Simply the best Furnace For Hot Yoga.

Featuring a Fully Modulating Outdoor Gas Furnace with Up top 200,000 Btu of heat .

Suitable for well insulated spaces of up to 1500 Square Feet with a ceiling height of up to 12 Feet. This Furnace is used in the majority of Commercial Hot Yoga installations. Capable of side or down discharge and return. Most locations connect the Rusking Erv to the furnace to supply as much Fresh Air as needed to the Studio Room based upon Co2 content and Relative Humidity. the Full Studio packages include the furnace and all suggested equipment. Featuring 6:1 modulation which is fully field adjustable. The fan assembly includes washable filters and a fully adjustable fan speed.

Although 3 phase is most popular, single phase configurations are also available Quick ship of 10 days is available for additional cost.