Chad Clark

Chad Clark has been Building and refining Hot Yoga Studios Since 1997 and has designed equipment for hot yoga applications.

Chad has built hot yoga centers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and consulted on projects around the globe including all continents of the globe with clients exceeding 3000.

Chad focuses on the healthiest systems with special consideration on efficiency and longevity. For that reason chad does not endorse radiant heating as after conducting a great deal of research, he believes, it is damaging to ones health to use radiation of any field stronger than the sun . We are not as humans equipped to regulate our body temperature from deep internal heat as infrared heating subjects ones body to .

Chad focuses upon forced air systems to deliver the conditions which are healthiest for the body with lots of fresh oxygenated air and a sanitized and humidified airstream which works with the human body’s natural temperature regulation.