Up Close: Kim Duckworth

Always resilient & strong

Kim Duckworth knows what it means to be knocked down, and get right back up again – literally. With a passion for horses, she was pursuing her dream as an apprentice steeplechase jockey in West Chester, Pa., when a terrible riding accident left her with a sad diagnosis that at age 25, she would never walk without a cane again.  Determined to walk without a cane, and to ride again, she returned to her roots in Northeastern Pennsylvania. She made an incredible recovery with rehab and hard work, and after years of strenuous workouts in the gym, Duckworth discovered yoga. Teaming up with her brother and fellow yogi Chad Clark, well-known in the yoga world for building hot yoga studios across the country (in fact, Clark brought the first yoga studio to the area when he built Steamtown Hot Yoga), Duckworth recently opened Endless Mountains Hot Yoga at Shadowbrook Inn & Resort, Tunkhannock. Her days are filled with fun times with her 5-year-old daughter, Katharine, enjoying their horses, and of course, yoga. Offering private instruction as well as classes in the studio, Duckworth is always on the move – and loving every minute of it. Meet Dalton’s Kim Duckworth…